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Thread: Robomaster s1

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    Robomaster s1

    I have been playing/working with this robot and am now starting to program it.
    It took 2 hours to build and is, loads of fun. ( price $499.00 )
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    Does DJI plan to publish the Python SDK and any Youtube tutorials showing how to program the Robomaster S1 in Python instead of Scratch?

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    Re: Robomaster s1

    Hum. They have a setup were you can switch back and forth to see the code in python or scratch, but they have so many built
    in specialty routines that can do: follow me and face detection, and hand signal's, number of claps and just a lot of special camera functions built in so that only by programing it yourself can you realize it's potential. But stand alone, it is fun to shoot things.
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