Now in the university where i work i am using an smart arm robot with 7 dynamixel AX-12A.
the arms stopped working i think because the amr is working in a experiment with water and got wet and a bit of corrosion in two servos and some cables.

-I changed two cables and two of the AX-12 A, and now I have few problems.

-The Servos when not working can't hold the arm because they are too losse (I don't know why), but the older ones they were not like this so i suspect this ones are actually faulty and someone that worked in the arm before left them aside).

When trying to use the software Roboplus with some little programs that were done already by someone, the robot does not move as the programs says, it just make some rough movements then it stops, but these two actuators that I changed make noise like its trying to move the arm.

-also the two actuator that I replaced now are showing a red led blinking (it suppose to be that they might be overloaded apparently).

I have one question, If I install new actuators, do I need to configure them before start the program that I have done before?, set like a starting position, or something like that

I would appreciate if you also could recommend me a manual or tutorial of how to use this AX-12 with a CM-530.

Thank you.