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Thread: Dynamixel XM430-W210-T bricked after firmware update

  1. Dynamixel XM430-W210-T bricked after firmware update

    Hey all,

    My robot started life as a turtlebot3 using two Dynamixel XM430-W210-T servos. I began to modify the robot into a 4-wheel drive tank conversion by adding two more XM430-W210-T; all connected to an openCR board. Initially i was able to have one of the new motors be assigned an ID of 3, and the Baudrate set to 1m. I would run the usb_to_dxl firmware on the openCR board to have the dynamixel wizard 2.0 recognize the 3 motors (motor 4 was never able to be recognized). it prompted me to do a firmware update on the motors, which i did. It claimed to complete successfully.

    Now, the openCR board will not recognize any of the dynamixel servos. scanning all baudrates and IDs comes back with nothing. When plugged in the motors will flash red once. The openCR board is connected to an ubuntu machine via USB. the board is powered directly through the power supply.

    When attempting to do a firmware recovery through the dynamixel wizard, it prompts me to unplug power from the dynamixel and then repower it. i flip the switch on the openCR board and the red light on the dynamixel flashed once, but it is never recognized.

    I am at a loss of how to proceed. any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Dynamixel XM430-W210-T bricked after firmware update

    Flipping the switch to cut power may not work right if it also disconnects the board from the PC.
    I would recommend literally un-plugging and re-plugging the wire into the servo when the wizards says to cycle power.

    Also: Make sure that you only have one servo connected to the controller when you try the upgrade; unplug all the other servos to make sure.

  3. Re: Dynamixel XM430-W210-T bricked after firmware update

    I have previously attempted unplugging and replugging to no avail. I have ordered the U2D2 board and hope it will solve my issues

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    Re: Dynamixel XM430-W210-T bricked after firmware update

    Earlier was going to suggest that you ask up on Robotis... But saw you did and so responded earlier there.

    Personally I am not liking that Robotis is now punting to you must use on U2D2 to do stuff. Some of their Utilities did or do support doing firmware updates using boards like the OpenCM9.04... But the new one is not... I know you already ordered U2D2, but...

    If it were me I would try a few things. At some point soon I plan to I plan to update some of my test sketches from DynamixelSDK to one of their newer libraries like DynamixelToArduino...

    But I would try run sketches to see if I can hopefully find the servo and reset... Again these sketches are nothing special.
    But for example I have some junk up at:

    Example sketch: OpenCM_Find_Servos.ino - tries on both protocol 1 and 2 to find any servos. It defaults to baud rate of 1000000 which you can change, also when it finishes a scan you can type in a baud to try next.... Again nothing great, but maybe will locate a servo.

    Again I know you said you tried searching all baud rates and the like, but not sure of your full setup. Example what is running on OpenCR board...

    I also have other sketches up on that project, like simple a simple servo controller, which just forwards everything from USB to the Serial port of the DXL and everything received from the DXL back to usb... Then one with a little more smarts that sort of emulates some of their controllers.

    Also if it were me, who owns some Logic Analyzers, I would hook up one of them to the DXL ttl pins, and watch the stuff that goes out on the TTL line when I try to locate a servo. This would help to verify that your OpenCM board is working. I had one of my OpenCM boards fry a communications chip and had to send it back to Robotis to repair. If I did not have a Logic Analyzer or Oscilloscope, could also do a quick and dirty program to some other Arduino board, that would hook up the DXL ttl line to an RX pin and try to see if you can capture a set of Serial characters when the OpenCM tries to send out a packet...

    Good luck. Hopefully the U2D2 will do the trick!

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    Re: Dynamixel XM430-W210-T bricked after firmware update

    Yeah, I think the USB2Dynamixel doens't even work anymore with the new software. I had servos that would not update correctly, but when I sent them in, they claimed they updated fine.

  6. Re: Dynamixel XM430-W210-T bricked after firmware update

    U2D2 did the trick. the Dynamixels are recognized through the wizard with unique IDs. However when connecting through the OpenCR board, nothing is recognized again, making me think the issue now lies with the openCR Board.

    also the 4th motor, which was never recognized, still fails to be seen through the U2D2, making me think it is defective from the factory.

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    Re: Dynamixel XM430-W210-T bricked after firmware update

    As I mentioned, I had an OpenCR boards communication chip fail.
    I was able to demonstrate it, by hooking up a logic analyzer to the output pin, and nothing came out. I then shipped it to Robotis, and month or so later I got it back fixed.

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