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Thread: OpenCM sketch upload problems on virtualbox

  1. OpenCM sketch upload problems on virtualbox

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to upload a simple b_Blink_LED example to my OpenCM9.04 board via OpenCM IDE, but unsuccesfully.

    I'm running the IDE on virtual Ubuntu 18.04 (via Virtualbox) with host system being Windows 10.

    The problem is, that after compilation and download signal transmission, the error "Board is not responding" occurs.

    The compiler says (even though I'm not sure, that this message is relevant, I'm posting it just in case it helps):
    [ARM Compiler] #### binary size : 12208 Bytes ####
    ROBOTIS OpenCM9.04 Max binary size : 118000 Bytes(10.0%)

    From what I understand, the problem is, that the compiler looses connection to the board, however I can't find anywhere why such thing happens.

    I believe it has something to do, with how the OpenCM IDE or board interacts with my virtual OS, since when I try the same thing on my host system, everything works fine.

    If anyone has any Idea or suggestion I'll be more than happy to hear them.
    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: OpenCM sketch upload problems on virtualbox

    Virtual machines and USB devices are a right pain, because of the way that the hardware and host and guest OS have to cooperate to route the USB device to the virtual machine. VMWare has a custom driver for Windows USB to do this; I don't know how VirtualBox does it.
    Given the symptoms you're suggesting, it's quite likely that the USB device connection to the VM is lost when the board goes into bootloader mode.

    I would recommend trying to run the IDE on Windows itself, instead. Or install the Linux OS as a dual-boot "native" OS on the host.

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    Re: OpenCM sketch upload problems on virtualbox

    Also OpenCM IDE is no longer being maintained. I would suggest updating to use the Arduino IDE and install their board install...

    As for Virtual machines... I usually ended up dual booting instead. Although I do have a virtual machine setup on a MAC notebook to allow it to run windows and Linux. Although I have not used Linux under it for a very long time.

  4. Re: OpenCM sketch upload problems on virtualbox

    Thanks for your answers and insights.

    Yes, dual-booting would be the optimal solution here, but unfortunately due to compatibility issues between Ubuntu 18.04 and my Asus Zenbook PRO, I can't use it.

    I wanted to try the Virtual machine, because I'm working with ROS, and that can't run on windows as far as I know.

    But I will probably stuck to windows in this instance and try to write the code there and use the virtual Ubuntu only for testing.

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