I got two Dynamixel XL430-W250-T that I want to use with an OpenCM9.04 C-Type Board. Is it possible to make them work without the OpenCM 485 Expansion Board?

I made some tests, using breadboard wires to connect a XL340 with a 3 Pin TTL Port on the OpenCM9.04 (normally used for XL320). With the OpenCM IDE and the getModelNumber code example I was then able to read out the model number (displays 1060). However, I can’t make it run, turn on the led or change the ID using the examples, simply nothing happens.

Furthermore, in the R+ Manager the XL340 can´t be found when I do an “Update & Test”.

I already thought, that the power via USB cable might be too low, but using a 11 V power supply connected to the OpenCM9.04 also doesn´t help.

All these tests work fine using a XL320, so there´s no problem with the board. Also, the connection to the XL430 seems to work - at least enough to read out the model number.

Anyone has an idea what the problem might be? Do I really need to use the Expansion Board?

Best regards