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Thread: mjbots quad A0

  1. mjbots quad A0

    Many of you have probably seen my work on Super Mega Microbot's various incarnations over in the Mech Warfare sub-forum. I'm hoping to keep competing there with variations on this robot but wanted to announce a new video of my quadruped platform with a new name and an overall status update.

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    Re: mjbots quad A0

    When you crank up the speed, it looks quite scary!
    Very nice video, too -- you're having so much fun.

  3. Re: mjbots quad A0

    Thanks for the video compliments. All the driving was Zia, with only a few minutes to practice beforehand. That gave me a free hand to mangle all the camera shots.

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    Re: mjbots quad A0

    Love everything about this!

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    A short video update:

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    Re: mjbots quad A0

    I had to look up "pronk."

    Also: that looks INSANE!!!! (in a good way.)

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    Isn't a day a better day when you learn something from a dictionary? (I suppose even a virtual "google dictionary"...)

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    Re: mjbots quad A0

    Here's another robot that's pronking:
    (I imagine you've already seen that one, but I hadn't!)

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    I haven't been idle... although this is just a teaser:

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    Re: mjbots quad A0

    Probably not the most burning question, but what is the part number for those oval rubber feet?

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