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Thread: Mech Warfare at the NorCal Robotics Expo

  1. Mech Warfare at the NorCal Robotics Expo

    I'm part of the Sierra College Robotics Club and we put on an event, the NorCal Robotics Expo. We wanted there to be Mech Warfare and we were hoping to get your input. We were throwing around some ideas either we need someone else who willing to let us rent the arena or we could collaborate with someone to help build an arena.

    I need help any suggestions or ideas will be welcome, I really want this to become a thing.

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    Re: Mech Warfare at the NorCal Robotics Expo

    I'd be interested (I'm in San Jose). The best bet for an arena is if the guys from Tucson want to make the trip to Rocklin with their arena. Otherwise, the work needed to get a working arena and score system setup is probably far more than you're anticipating.

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    Re: Mech Warfare at the NorCal Robotics Expo

    Put me down as interested in attending but unable to assist from all the way on the east coast.

    Best of luck!

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