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    Temi the Robot has movement and navigation capabilities runs off of it's 2 ARM computers and uses a set of 16 sensors
    including a Lidar, depth cameras…
    The Specs:
    This is a SLAM based personnel Telepresence device, with the ALEXA or the Temi personnel assistant
    (which is simply the app you use to interact.)
    PS The speakers are radical, and the parts are really excellent quality throughout.
    Oh the fully assembled robot cost $1,999.00 on, not that shabby.
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    Re: Temi

    What do you mean by "personnel teleportation device" ? With two 50W motors, I don't think a human being is supposed to ride on it?
    Maybe this is a competitor to telepresence robots like "double" from a few years ago?

    Also, what costs $2000? The parts used for the prototype? The full chassis with all the features documented? (That'd actually be pretty decent.)

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    Re: Temi

    Yep, sorry about that, I think I fixed the original post to be accurate.
    This is really a nice bot with a price point that is really nice so...Yea! I am playing with the SDK now.
    It seem they do updates every 6 weeks or so, I am hoping for more functions, but it is fun to pull up its SLAM
    of the house even remotely on my phone or the device screen and put it into patrol mode to see what the Dogs are doing to the house.
    I like it, it is a cooler Alexa with navigation on wheels I guess. A "personnel teleportation device" would have been nice. Beam me up!!
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