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Thread: Xbee Communication Problems with Phoenix Code for Hexapod Robots

  1. Xbee Communication Problems with Phoenix Code for Hexapod Robots

    Hello, I've been trying to prepare a few of the PhantomX Mark II Hexapods with the Phoenix code for a micro-controllers class but I've been having issues with communication between the x-bees, specifically the one on the Arbotix board.

    When the code loaded on to both the commander and the robot, they will connect and the robot will move for about 30 secs to 1 minute then the communication will drop. I suspect the issues are with the arbotix xbee because the controller continues to output the commands in the serial window even after communication is gone.

    Some trouble shooting I've done is reorganizing the libraries, using different xbees (with the advanced configurations), using different boards, using different robots and using the virtual controller instead of the handheld. I even tried to place a few capacitors on the power distribution board because I thought that maybe the arbotix board was being overloaded causing the xbee to reset but this didn't really make a difference and if anything I think it made the problem worse.

    I'm not really sure what to try next and I would really appreciate any help or advice anyone could give me. Thank you.

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    Re: Xbee Communication Problems with Phoenix Code for Hexapod Robots

    Quick question for helpful context: which Xbees are you using?

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