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Thread: servo sequencing program? bipedal walker.

  1. servo sequencing program? bipedal walker.

    hello. 2nd post... hope this one gets more replies.

    im looking for some help/advice on which program and arduino/circuitboard to write servo sequences.
    preferably the smallest arduino possible.

    for this little guy

    atm i can almost get him to walk on a hand controlled RC controller (t8fb), but it takes way too much concentration/effort.

    atm its six servos . 3 per leg. i hope to write 4 sequences initially. R leg forward and backward and same for L leg. hopefully this should get me a simple tank steering system.....

    TIA for help

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    Re: servo sequencing program? bipedal walker.

    Those are RC servos, using PWM control. You can generate such pulses from any of the Arduino boards, using the Servo library.
    I'd recommend using a Teensy, but really, any of the Arduino-like boards would work.

  3. Re: servo sequencing program? bipedal walker.


    looks like its small enough with enough pins. and plenty spare for future aditions.

    is there a program (with interface). for writinging out servo movements? would make the whole thing a lot easier.

    or do i have to write a custom code in a programming language. if so what language and libraries should i be looking into?

    thanks again

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