This is my first ROS robotics project and I'm trying to understand how to set up the simulator to test my code before I use a physical device. There will be a handful of developers that will want to use this robot, so having a simulation environment set up will be helpful to share the fun.

What I am unsure of now is figuring out
- How do I set up the development environment? (Java or python would be preferred)
- How is this development environment set up to use the simulator to verify the code does what is expected prior to using the real deal

Here's what I've done so far:
- Received our PincherX 150 (px150)
- Installed ROS (on Ubuntu)
- Built the
- Run the moveit sample with gazebo
roslaunch interbotix_moveit_interface moveit_interface.launch robot_name:=px150 use_gazebo:=true

And I'm able to see the px150 model in the viewer.