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Thread: What IDEs just work for ROS?

  1. What IDEs just work for ROS?

    I've started the journey trying to learn ROS and I'd say about 75% of my time is spent configuring my environment and trying to make everything work together. Eclipse and Spyder (anaconda) are the standard according to my searches but Eclipse can't find binaries (or they're not being made) and Anaconda can't run alongside ROS simultaneously.
    Is there some pair of IDEs for C++ and Python that just work with ROS without having to reconfigure everything each time the computer starts up?
    Perhaps I just did something wrong when I initially installed ROS, but I followed the tutorials as closely as I could.
    Thanks for any help y'all can provide!

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    Re: What IDEs just work for ROS?

    The problem with IDEs in general, is that you have to be solving a problem that the IDE developers have already wanted to solve.
    Unfortunately, when you do something that's not "super common," then the IDE will not have a well-defined path for you.
    Chances are, you can use Eclipse, and debug why it doesn't find the appropriate commands -- use "strace" and "lsof" and similar tools. In essence, you have to become an IDE developer, to use the IDE for something that the previous IDE developers didn't already solve.

    This is why I always just use vim and make in a terminal window. At that level, you know what's going on. If a binary isn't found, it's because the PATH is wrong, and you can find it with "locate" eller "find."

    An alternative, which may work for you, could be Visual Studio Code (vscode.) It has plugins for both Python development, and C++ development. The "ROS" bits would have to be added as configurations on top of those plugins for you, but that seems doable. VSCode is generally configured using JSON config files that you can edit yourself, so it's often simpler to edit and configure the way you need it, than some big heap of Java like Eclipse.

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