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Thread: Arbotix Pro doesn't recognize MX106T motors

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    I'm working on a project using an Arbotix Pro connected to multiple MX106T motors. I tried to update the firmware for the motors using Dynamixel Wizard 2.0, my Arbotix Pro was connected to my PC via micro USB. But the update failed and now I can't see my servos in Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 and even 1.0, even if Dynamixel power is set to 1 in my Arbotix Pro. I tested the motors by connecting another controller and I could see them in Dynamixel Wizard. So is my Arbotix Pro firmware broken? The board seems fine and is recognized but the servomotors connected aren't recognized anymore. What would be a solution to this problem ?

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    Re: Arbotix Pro doesn't recognize MX106T motors

    My guess is that the Arbotix-Pros firmware does not support protocol-2 communications. And if you updated your servos to use protocol 2, then there may be issues with arbotix pro, talking to it.

    Looking up at github I believe that the last change to the firmware was something like 4.5 years ago and the developer (Andrew) is longer with TrossenRobotics. So if it were me, I would probably either try to make sure the servos are running Protocol 1 or use a different controller.

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    I've purchased an U2D2 from robotis to control the motors now. The weird thing is that using the U2D2 I can control the motors with no problem (and I see that they are still running using protocol 1.0 !) but I can't see the Arbotix Pro. The only way to communicate with the Arbotix Pro is through its USB cable. Another weird thing is that I can still power all the servos through the Arbotix Pro. I guess there is a problem for sending/receiving data but the power connection is fine? Can I solve this by updating the firmware on the Arbotix maybe?
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    Re: Arbotix Pro doesn't recognize MX106T motors

    You will need an oscilloscope with capture, or a logic analyzer, to figure out what's different between the TTL bus signal of the Arbotix, and the U2D2 device. Assuming they're using the same baud rate, it should work the same.

    The power is just a bare connection. The only way for that to "not work" would be if a fuse was blown, or a wire burned out through massive overload.

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