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  1. XL430 Overload Error

    I´m currently working with 4 2XL430-W250-T in a small robot which looks like a snake. Depending on the (static) position of the robot, the present pwm values necessary to hold the robots position are around 300 – 400 in one or two of the servos. Sometimes these positions / values cause those servos to throw an overload error and thus shutting down. Regarding the overload error the e-manual says: “Detect persistent load that exceeds maximum output”. Now I´m a bit confused. According to the e-manual the maximum output value of the servo is at 885 pwm. The actual values in the servos are far below this maximum output. So why do the servos throw an overload error? Can someone explain this behavior to me?

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    Re: XL430 Overload Error

    The overload error is thrown when the configured maximum PWM value is exceeded for several seconds. Thus, if you configure a lower PWM maximum value, and the servo cannot hold its position, and it's in position mode (not torque or wheel mode) then it may throw this error.

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