Hi, I need some confirmation. If I have one SMPC power adapter, do I need a LIPO battery to power the following systems with dynamixels?

a) OpenCM 9.04C+485 Extension Board
b) OpenCR
c) U2D2 + U2D2 Power Hub

Not sure if I am correct but far as I know, it seems that the 485 Extension Board, OpenCR and USD2 Power Hub can be powered with one SMCP adapter while U2D2 and OpenCM 9.04C can be powered by the USB port of a PC. In cases a and c, once I have provided power to the 485 Extension Board or the U2D2 Power Hub via the SMPC, do I need to supply power to OpenCM 9.04C and U2D2 via the USB port of a PC?

I will get LIPO batteries when I make an autonomous robot later.