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Thread: Qt and serial programming questions

  1. Qt and serial programming questions

    Hello everyone,,
    I'm new to the robotics scene, and am wanting to make a gui (using qt designer) to send a signal to the serial port, and then go from there. where do i start? i have downloaded the mingw stuff, but none seems to be working. tried following, but when i try to "make", i have problems with SerialPort.cpp. don't know if my compiler is wrong? this is probably a typical newbie question!
    i'm trying to do this through vista tho...ANY suggestions???

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    Re: Qt and serial programming questions

    It sounds like the problem you have is related to using QT or using the tools in question, not robotics in particular.
    You'll probably get a much better answer if you ask in a forum dedicated to using QT from the tools you're using, or perhaps a general purpose question site like Stack Overflow.
    Note that "problems with SerialPort.cpp" isn't particularly useful to anyone trying to help.
    At a minimum, you need to paste the entire error message you get from the tools, as well as mentioning the specifics of the tools you're using -- name and version.
    Also, copying 10 lines of code around where the error message says it is, into your request for help, will generally help people help you.

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