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Thread: Which one?

  1. Which one?

    Hi there,
    I am making a project of Robotics. Which one will be easier to make? A Humanoid or A Robotic Arm
    Please give me your opinion
    Any input would be appreciated

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    Re: Which one?

    Considering a standard humanoid robot would have two arms, is it not obvious?

    Anything more complex than a toy humanoid robot using hobby servos or AX-12 dynamixel servos is going to be a very expensive, dedicated research platform.

    Arms can be quite cheap, although arms not using larger motors/servos are not much more than a novelty (looking at you OWI Robotic Arm EDGE). Larger and sturdier/stronger arms can be usable in everyday scenarios without extensive software experience, where a humanoid will require lots of work just to make it not fall down and/or destroy itself. A dedicated arm can also potentially be assembled into a larger robot at a later date (stick it on a wheeld rover, or make a crawler by adding more arms to act as legs (e.g., DLR Crawler used 'fingers' from a robotic hand to make a crawling robot)).
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