I am working on a robotic arm project using two AX-12A servos, a THVD1410D RS485 Transceiver and an Arduino (Nano and Uno). So far, I have tried working with the "EndlessTurn" sample code (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ju...ndlessTurn.ino ) and the "Move" sample code
( https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ju.../Move/Move.ino ) that came with the "AX12A.h" library I downloaded from GitHub ( https://github.com/jumejume1/AX-12A-servo-library ). The EndlessTurn program works perfectly with or without the transceiver, however, the Move program does not produce any response from the servos with or without the transceiver.

Note: I changed the #include "../../src/AX12A.h" to #include "AX12A.h" to resolve a compiling error in both programs, and the EndlessTurn works with this adjustment.

Therefore, I am trying to determine if there are any adjustments that need to be made to the software example for this particular library (e.g. is it outdated?) or if there is an issue with the choice of RS485 transceiver, if this component is required at all. I would like to hear if anyone else has encountered this issue before and how it was resolved. I am new to working with these servos and RS485 transceivers, as well as this forum, so any helpful feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to provide additional information as needed.