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Thread: Positioning devices

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    Re: Positioning devices

    I've been tossing this idea around for a vision based outdoor robot. How about you have roborealm center a camera on an object of unusual color or shape or something...and then measure the angle of the camera servo. If you do that with two object, then you can calculate the intersect of the two angles and you have your location...This gets messed up if you have a blindspot...but in chapter six task two I sort of play with the idea of a lawnmowing robot that doesn't know where it is...but also doesn't care. If it stays within the boundary wire, and moves at a constant angle in relation to the yard (compass) then it should be able to mow the entire lawn. Have it do that twice from two angles and you are doubly sure.


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    Re: Positioning devices

    if you need a outdoor positioning system,most like you need a system that combinds all type of sensors ,because the ground changes alot,gps to get it near the area,then camera looking down or xy camera under the robot to scan the area,sonars for rocks and other stuff that gets in the way,wheel encoders and compass for direction ,speed and distance travel,maybe laser beacons,but all will have errors and problems ,but adding all together ,will cut down on error alot
    for camera will need a fast processor or fast computer

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