im interested in buying either the
  • Trossen Robotics LocoBot
  • or the TurtleBot3 Pi Waffle + OpenMANIPULATOR-X.

with the added intent that after im done with the learnings that i can use the Robotis Servos in another custom project.
more on that later

But I have a couple of concerns.

First i would love to have everything the
WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF comes with.
I was impressed by your product page for the
WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF
I like the video about the ROS packages and the software control table.
seems like some comprehensive additional software comes with the WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF

But By going with the LocoBot
im afraid to lose the ROS and other educational coolness that comes with the WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF
your page about the PyRobot looks nothing like the WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF page

I totally get that ROS will work with LocoBot. Thats the whole point. But what im saying is a little more nuanced.
The people that buy the WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF may have resources pointing to your ROS packages and documentation and manuals that I might not get by going with LocoBot

I went to the LocoBot website,
it seems possible to take any trossen arm, or robotis arm and print out the structural pieces and use the exact other compute components. As long as I have any robotis servos that have the 6 capabilities it should work?
  1. Torque Control,
  2. Velocity Control,
  3. Position Control,
  4. Extended Position Control,
  5. Current based Position Control,
  6. PWM Control

Therefore would a possible strategy be to buy the
WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF as the Arm for the LocoBot and build it myself
and all the LocoBot examples will work?

Secondly, I like the OpenManipulator-X and TurtleBot combination. For starters their combo is based on TurtleBot3 and not 2. And I like the OpenCR ness. But then i lose what Trossen brings to the table. And vice versa. If i go with the LocoBot i lose what Robotis brings to the table. Can i somehow get it all?

e.g. Have all that comes with
WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF, all that comes with Locobot, and all that comes with OpenManipulator-X / Turtlebot3 somehow? By just buying WidowX 250 Robot Arm 6DOF and building the Locobot myself?

My fear is that Locobot is very calibrated to the prebuilt version you sell.

Finally i want to use all the servos in another project. And that project has distances of 1000mm one thousand.
I know TTL is not recommended to run past 500mm and you dont even have cables that go past 250mm. If i need to go to 1000mm or daisy chain a few 250mm connections ... then i may just need the RS485 servos right?

So given all that i said above about LocoBot and the rest... could I also replace the TTL servos in the Arms with RS485 equivalents without losing anything? both programmatically and structurally?