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Thread: PhantomX Hexapod MK-IVS

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    PhantomX Hexapod MK-IVS

    I have my new Hexapod on the charger. Ran updates and noticed hum I do not know the password for this robot.
    This robot needs a few links to the software for it to be usefull. It is running ROS1 Noetic. I must call Trossen,
    as I really do not what to hack my new robots password, that is just wrong.
    P.S. New things got to Love them.

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    Re: PhantomX Hexapod MK-IVS

    Rick to the rescue.
    Naturally it is interbotix. Only word I did not try, although i did not think "dam robot" was going to work anyway..
    So off the the races. I'll post some pictures as I get used to the robot.
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    Re: PhantomX Hexapod MK-IVS

    Ah heck! The NeoPixel LED's are not working. Sigh, on inspection the servo cable used was not modified, so I'll order some WS2812B and do it my self. Still it was almost a perfect build. I'll let Trossin know to keep an eye out for that error.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	letTheModsBegin.jpg 
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    As a man whom likes good cable routing, this is BEAUTIFUL!! The best cable management I have seen since my military days.
    There needs to be some horn blowing here.
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