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Thread: Need to find a N-channel MOSFET replacement

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    Need to find a N-channel MOSFET replacement

    Hey guys,

    I am either looking for a library for the IRFR3707Z MOSEFT for EAGLE or looking for a replacement for it that is already in EAGLE's library. My last resort is to make a library for it.

    EDIT: After looking over some of the libraries I find that the IRF3704S will work as my symbol in my schematics.

    Now I need to find a library for the VNH2SP30.

    -Matt B
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    Re: Need to find a N-channel MOSFET replacement

    Just make the library yourself?

    It's as easy as drawing a schematic in Eagle, really, especially for parts like a FET or so.

    All dimensions are in the datasheet, just some basic copy paste work actually.
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