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Thread: This is abandonware

  1. This is abandonware

    • The Arbotix kit only works with Arduino 1.0.6, and is like over 10 years old. Can't really do much with this.
    • The arbotix repository's maintainer's page is not available

    That's very disappointing considering how Arbotix is touted as a development kit for introduction to robotics. I should have done proper research before my purchase.

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    Re: This is abandonware

    Sorry I did not see this thread until now.

    I totally agree that the Arbotix board and support are now pretty well abandoned. As you mentioned the last official release was for Arduino 1.0.6 which as you mentioned is over 10 years old, which is a clue this board is at least that old, and I personally don't use it any more.

    However there are those of us who now several years ago made a sort of release of it that can be used with current releases of Arduino.

    I have a version of it up on github, that was the basis for a Beta release a long time ago and then another member made it easy to install using the Arduino Board manager... Just go into preferences and add this to the list of board managers:
    And then bring up the board manager (Tools -> Boards...)

    Then you can install it on the most recent versions of Arduino. Which hopefully can get you going.

    Personally I have moved away from using 8 bit Atmega boards such as this to other options and I know that Trossen is moving that way as well. For example many of their new setups use the Robotis OpenCM 9.04 boards, which are cheaper, and more powerful and easier to use and are supported by Robotis.

    Sorry for not noticing this thread earlier. But hope that helps

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    Thanks a lot

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