Hello friends,
Before you think I've gone looney toons, let me explain. To get a better idea of what I want to do, here's a link to my website page.


Last year I received a grant from the National Science Foundation to build the robot you see on the website. It was to have additional sensors to collect atmospheric data. Unfortunately for me, the university had a huge layoff and I was suddenly unemployed and lost my grant. It sucked to be me. I spent fifty-one years trying to figure out how to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts.

I'm 61 so the first 30 years were more about understanding what a ghost is or isn't, quantum physics, weather phenomena, what is activity, what isn't, and how does a spirit manifest.

  • The first law, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system.
  • The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of any isolated system always increases.
  • The third law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero.

That alone takes a lot to learn and then apply. It took me decades of learning to create a solid theory and another decade to develop an experiment.

Getting an NSF grant isn't easy. There are so many people that have to sign off it's insane. And to capture information about ghosts? Yeah, I went through Hell explaining my theories, experiments, experiment controls and all.

I no longer can afford to build this thing and I'm not capable of building it even if I did have the money. It was suggested by one of my former colleagues that I post a request for assistance on here.

So here's what I'm hoping all of you can help me with. If you have parts that you can donate to the cause and some folks to help build it, I would be eternally grateful. The last 12 years is how I finally developed a hard-science experiment proving or disproving paranormal activity. An autonomous robot detecting an anomaly, and then following the spirit around like a little puppy collecting data removes human interaction. It's just atmospheric raw data I can download into a database and compare results over time.

This is the real, boring, science. Not the TV show stuff. I really need help to build this thing. This is a lifelong journey and I am so close and so far.

So I present this to all of you. This is what all of you do at some level or another. I'm an educator and scientist, not a robotics designer or builder.

I have learned that I should stick to what I do best and get the right people involved doing what they do best. A group effort of many minds can probably do something out of this world (no pun intended) and I have no problem giving full credit to everyone involved. If this can really be autonomous, identify atmospheric or electrical/static changes and follow those changes through a supposed haunted location, then science will be changed forever.

Can you help? I can pay a little here and there. I'm teaching high school history and my pay is not the greatest but I'll do what I can.

So that's it. Any questions, thoughts, comments, volunteering etc, feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much for letting me present this to all of you. This is a long post. With something this unusual, I thought it better to put it all out there. Thanks for your time, patience and assistance in advance.
Mike Atencio