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Thread: Mike's 6 Axis Denso Robot

  1. Mike's 6 Axis Denso Robot

    Hi All,

    I managed to get my hands on a 1999 Denso VS-6354CM robot, RC3-V6A controller, and teach pendant for less than $400 from an industrial surplus supplier back in Jan 2022. It has the normal issues (dead encoder batteries, dead controller battery, missing cables, setc.) but I'm made great progress forward. The J6 motor was fragged, but I found an original replacement on eBay relatively cheaply. I've also been able to purchase the full set of cables (including the IO cables) with the exception of the motor power and teach pendant cables, but I found the correct connectors, bulk cable, and pinouts to make my own. I completed making those.

    The robot runs on 210VAC +/- 10% so I needed a transformer to step down my residential 240VAC to something usable.

    Denso has been very kind in providing me manuals and information on this old robot. Without them I'd never have been successful. I just got the unit running last week and wanted to share my victory here. Not bad for a 23 year old piece of hardware!

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