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    Hi! This is my emotional robot, BubbleBoy!

    Emotions usually are forgotten when it comes to robotics... but this robot is all about emotions! It has two buttons, one for food and one for water. When pressed, these contribute to BubbleBoy's food and water levels, which then are combined as an average to create the health level.

    The health level is then used to determine the mood that BubbleBoy is in. Its moods range from 'Hypertastic!' to 'Dead'. For all of its moods, it has a specific action set that BubbleBoy uses to try to impress you! So this can include BubbleBoy hula-ringing (the lime hula-ring starts to vibrate), spinning its hat (once, twice, or hypertastically), twitching its head on the x and y axis, or bobbing its head on the x and y axis.

    Since BubbleBoy is incredibly humble in its character, it only accepts food until after it's finished its action set. After about 3 action sets though, BubbleBoy becomes hungry and thirsty. if its thirstiness and hungriness drops to 70 and lower, the pink indicator LED will turn on, so you know you should feed it!

    Although this robot appears to be completely without wires or 'guts', inside of the green box is an Arduino with a ProtoShield, LCD 117 Kit, White on Blue 4 line LCD, and two buttons. Inside of the robot are 2 LEDs, 2 DC motors, 2 servos, and 1 LDR.

    The source code and circuitry can be found here.

    Here's a video of BubbleBoy!

    [ame=""]YouTube - BubbleBoy Complete[/ame]
    I hope you like BubbleBoy, even though it's pink, has no wires showing, and is cute

    BubbleBoy wiggles 'Hi!' to you

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    Re: BubbleBoy

    i love this lil guy!

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    Re: BubbleBoy

    Hey RobotGrrl! You snuck under the radar with this entry. I got you entered in this contest

    Nice work btw, very creative!

    �In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed�
    - Charles Darwin

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