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  1. Help for beginner- Humanoid

    I am new to humanoid robotics but have been building combat robots since the age of 13 (I am now 20). I have begun getting bored of combat robotics and hope that humanoid robotics will allow me to expand my knowledge. I am very strong with the mechanical aspects of robotics but am kinda weak when it comes to software. I have done a lot of research into the various humanoid kits available and have narrowed down my possible choices to the Kondo KHR-2HV starter kit or the Hitec RoboNova kit with a few extras... ie. gyro, possible gripper, etc. It seems as though the Kondo humanoids are more advanced than many of their competitors but the broken english manuals turn me off. I feel that the Kondo kits wouldn't be the best starters as there manuals aren't the greatest. Are my above thoughts correct? I am hoping that people with more knowledge/experience can chime in with their opinions. I like the Hitec programming interface and feel the multiple choices of programming languages (Basic, RoboBasic, catch-and-play) will help me pick up the programming aspect very quickly. One other kit I haven't given too much thought to is the Bioloid kit, is this as advanced as either the RoboNova or Kondo? Sorry for the long winded post guys. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Help for beginner- Humanoid

    maybe you'll get lucky and Crabfu will do a video review of the KHR-1HV. Did you see his review for the Bioloid?

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    Bioloid is a great kit, though the servos are a bit slow and blocky (but incredibly strong). Also, be sure to check out the RoboBuilder kit — from what I've seen so far, it is by far the best bang for the buck. Its servos aren't as strong but are considerably quicker, and you can see the benefit of that in how the robot moves. Both Bioloid and RoboBuilder use "next generation" (smart) servos, rather than old-school R/C servos, which I view as a big advantage; and both have servos that are a half to a third of the cost of the servos used in Kondo/Robonova robots.

    All that said, some Robo-One builders have done amazing things with the traditional servos, so you can certainly reach success from any of these starting points. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Layton View Post
    maybe you'll get lucky and Crabfu will do a video review of the KHR-1HV. Did you see his review for the Bioloid?
    I only have had experience with kondo 2hv and bioloid. Bioloid has way better documentation and translation in the manual/software than the 2hv. Overall BOTH are great kits, and have their good and bad points, but the translation for the bioloid is a clear winner.


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    The answer to these types of questions usually depends on what you want to do with the robot. Each person needs to decide what is most important; price, ease of use, support community, software, servo speed and power, flexibility. If you would like to compare different robots, check out our info here:

    We also offer a FREE Robot Test Drive for the Robonova, if you would like to try one before you buy.

    We also offer a free survey to help you decide which robot it right for you.

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    Sorry for not specifying before, I am currently in school for a combined major in Mechatronics Engineering and Commerce and would love to just buy a bunch of dynamixel RX-28/DX-117 servos and completely custom build a biped but I currently do not have the time/money/experience to do that. If I was thinking about the possibility of building anything but a humanoid I would definitely be buying a bioloid kit or possibly the Robobuilder kit mentioned above (I am starting to do some more indepth research on that kit as it hadn't hit my radar until now). I feel that with my time and experience (with humanoids) constraints a kit would be the best way to start off and I want to quickly move to more advanced controls using gyros, accelerometers, etc. Another thing worth mentioning is that I want to have to chance to wirelessly control the humanoid and that was another reason I was leaning toward the kondo/Hitec kit. One feature I really like about the Kondo 2HV is the pivot turn kit as I feel that allows much more realistic movements while keeping the COG as low as possible. I hope I do not sound like I am all over the place but it seems that the more research I do into the various kits the harder my decision is getting as you find all the really cool things that each kit can do. I have submitted my quiz and will try that test drive out sometime in the near future. And thank you to Crabfu for that indepth review on the bioloid kit, I looked quickly and didn't find anything but have you (Crabfu or anyone else) done a similar review on the kondo 2HV kit? Thanks for the great responses so far! Again, sorry for the long winded post

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    Re: Help for beginner- Humanoid

    Where is Rpedro when you need him?


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    Re: Help for beginner- Humanoid

    Where is Rpedro when you need him?

    too funny!

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