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  1. Donna The Dead Bot

    Okay, sometimes robot technology reallocation can provide rewarding results...even if the effort is less than stupendous.

    That said, I have re-used my electric-wheelchair hack technology and applied it my ever-morphing holiday bots. Today's submission - Donna the Dead - "one mad bride that goes for a ride".

    Using "low-tech" Home Depot pipe technology (tie-wrapped to her head), she seems to float though the chilling evening sky -- moaning at the mad scientist who wired 5 volts into her "Party City" vibrating scull. A $10 strobe running from a 12V scooter battery inverted to 110VAC makes sure she's noticed, and the 110V makes for easy use of a wall-wart to send 5 volts up the flat-black pole.

    Spread spectrum dual channel RF technology insures she won't stray. The AVR code, that taps into the wheel-chair pot electronics is freely available at and also was first posted in Trossen forums. Hope ya like her.

    Best regards,

    Youtube link is here, feel free to embed:
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    Re: Donna The Dead Bot

    Cool effect. Looks like its floating.

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    Re: Donna The Dead Bot

    Very nice and also funny to watch.
    People yearn after this robotic dream, but you can't strip your life of all meaning, emotion and feeling and expect to function.

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    Re: Donna The Dead Bot

    nice work Rodger! I got you entered

    �In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed�
    - Charles Darwin

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    very good Halloween idea, that would freak out some people out.
    Greatness is achieved through one vision.

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    Re: Donna The Dead Bot

    Really cool. Did you scare anyone with it this year?

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