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Thread: kHR 2HV for sale :(

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    kHR 2HV for sale :(

    Hi there , i am very sad to say but i have to sell my khr 2hv.
    He has hardly been used and now has gathered quite a lot of extras would like him to go to a great new home.-
    Comes with original cd, pdf printed manual for assembly and board.
    1 Bx in superb condition.
    1 Khr 2hv - fully built, tested. Home position is not set.
    1 standard battery
    2 sets of tub feet
    1 bigger 800ma battery
    1 Hip pivot kit
    1 Genex suit- painted red/white not all cut out yet.
    2 sets of plastic servo replacement gears.

    If anyone is intrested please contact me through pm.
    Thanks again

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