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Thread: Batteries + connectors + charger

  1. Batteries + connectors + charger

    Hello friends,

    My pico-ITX based project is falling into shape (thanks 4mem8 and Tyberius for all your advice). I was looking around for batteries and came across and their large selection of NiMH batteries. I was wondering if some of you robot gurus can spare some advice on battery connectors and chargers. I am going to use two batteries in my project, one for the pico-ITX and one for driving the motors. Any and all tips regarding battery type, capacity, chargers, connectors and vendors would be greatly appreciated. This would prevent me from making the same mistakes that you all might have made in your first projects . Thanks!

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    Re: Batteries + connectors + charger

    I found a cool battery for my project here Their site is confusing but they ship fast and the battery has worked good so far!
    Dalton Caughell

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