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Thread: Attaching wheels to Hitec 1422 servo

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    Attaching wheels to Hitec 1422 servo


    I picked up four Hitec 1422s (continuous rotating 422s) to use as the drive system for a small bot. I thought it would be a simple thing to find wheels which would mount directly but not so. Most of the wheels I see are made to mount to 6mm shafts. Is there a good source of wheels out there for direct attachment to servos? I like the Banebot wheels but don't like the idea a glueing a wheel to a servo, seems like a kludge.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Attaching wheels to Hitec 1422 servo

    Have you looked at these? Otherwise, glueing/screwing a wheel onto a servo horn is about the only other option. Many have done that to model airplane wheels.

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    Re: Attaching wheels to Hitec 1422 servo

    Robologist beat me to it! +Rep!

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    Re: Attaching wheels to Hitec 1422 servo

    Those do work well. If you need wider and stickier though, ServoCity does make some hub adapters.
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