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Thread: Futaba RBT-1 for sale

  1. Futaba RBT-1 for sale

    I have a Futaba RBT-1 I need to sell here in the US. I bought it from Trossen Robotics. It is used, but I havent used it that many times. Still have the packing box it came in. Comes complete. Charger, batt, controller, CD software etc.
    asking $825, OBO plus shipping from So Cal.
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  2. Re: Futaba RBT-1 for sale

    here are some pics

  3. Re: Futaba RBT-1 for sale

    Lowered to $825

  4. Re: Futaba RBT-1 for sale

    RBT-1 is now SOLD. THX

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