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Thread: Garage sale??

  1. Garage sale??

    Well i'm going to start and say this is my first post here at the robotics lair!! i've been watching and trolling your forums/pics for up over a month... just without an account ..

    I have to say the modded J5 rocks mister man!

    However now to the point of the post before adrenalyn gets angry...

    I'm starting from scratch no parts, no experience in robotics. however you want it programmed i'm your person.

    Does anyone have any smallish stuff they started working with as a toy and now have outgrown they may be willing to release...

    Also interested in something called Vcrib, if anyone may have components in this area as well....

    Or if anyone on the site is looking to be a mentor or offer assistance on where to start would greatly appreciated pm me if forms arnt the place to discuss those things.

    Hellfire always looking for parts!.... even my own???

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    Re: Garage sale??

    Welcome to the forums!

    I would suggest that you try to narrow down what you're looking for: Servos, microcontrollers, sensors, brackets, wheels, etc.

    We all usually have plenty of stuff in our parts bin, but a lot of us are packrats. Specifying what you're looking for might help!

  3. Re: Garage sale??

    Well first design i have been deciding on, since reading alot of your posts and forums. design is the key element. So I wanted to design a track bot, but will probably end up heading to wheels because tracks are very difficult to find... other then lynx tracks... gahh (which are good!)

    So Servo's (not beefy like your upgraded units for J5) just something i can dink with and break a few. Controller chips most of you probably have upgraded to 32controller chips, anyone still have 8 server controller chips?

    I'm starting from nothing so, at the moment i'd like to see if anyone maybe has spart parts they could go through and throw a box together? and say let me purchase the lot? i mean i dont to go in the thousands for my first bot, but a few hundred bucks wouldnt hurt!

    perferably something a novice can play with that you've out grown, and please if it uses software. I really have a drag looking for "software X version XXXX"

    I'm really interested in learning, and have some great designs and theories, now just to make them work...
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  4. Re: Garage sale??

    Guess i could have been a bit more specific...
    Well as a newbie, how difficult is a 2 wheel bot, forward/reverse motors, maybe some sensors, for avoidance, IR or sonar or whatever really... microcontroller chips, and lets see battery packs and chargers?

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    Re: Garage sale??

    If your budget allows a few hundred dollars then there are some great kits that fit what you are looking for.

    Take a look at the Pi kit here:

    I've personally never used it but I've heard good things about it, plus it is well within your budget.
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  6. Re: Garage sale??

    That's now a bad idea! Still up for garage items! but i think i'll go ahead and get an order in this weekend
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