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Thread: help!.kinematics analysis for my biped robot

  1. Unhappy help!.kinematics analysis for my biped robot


    I'm having a hard time, a really very hard time, to understand making the kinematics analysis for the smooth walking of my biped robot having 3 DOFs per leg. I have been reading many literature and discussions about doing static and dynamic analysis of a biped robot and they're all giving me this different equations which I really can't grasp. I don't know exactly where or how to start the static/dynamic analysis.Can anyone help me out please....

    Any help and suggestions would be very much appreciated..THANKS..

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    Re: help!.kinematics analysis for my biped robot

    I've never done legs before, although I have done arms. The SOR page has a great tutorial on Kinematics. There's even an excel spreadsheet buried in there that will do some of the math for you.

    That may at least get you started on the kinematic concept.
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    Re: help!.kinematics analysis for my biped robot


    Check out AlexD's project page @ Lynxmotion

    I have not had time to study his work, but I think it would be interesting for you.


  4. Re: help!.kinematics analysis for my biped robot

    Thank you for the link that you've sent..It helps but I was wondering if what kind of simulator did alexD used.

    Do you know where I can download simulator for free ?

    thanks alot..

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    Re: help!.kinematics analysis for my biped robot

    Looks to me like he wrote the simulator.
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    Re: help!.kinematics analysis for my biped robot

    IT would be interesting for you to download a trial of 3D Max and simply (well...) design your basic arm or whatever and use their IK to create your simulation. Using one of their tutorials would allow you to get a good understanding of IK hierarchies, links, chains, DOF and "solvers" etc. The program will allow you to visually understand the swivel angles to adjust your model to exactly execute a program.

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    Don't feel overwhelmed by the apparently (real) complexity of the program. If you concentrate solely on one topic, in this case Inverse Kinematics, and follow the basic tutorial skipping all the rest you can achieve what you want in very little and fun time. (I sound like a 3D Max rep, I am not :-) just a user.
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