I have a few 11v 3 cell Lipos that I use in my R/C models, along with balancer chargers etc... I would like to re-purpose these to use in my bot projects.

Here is my sticking point. I am trying to find or make a low voltage cutoff module so I can use it with my Arduino and some DC motors. I have R/C ESCs that have inbuilt LV cutoff, and all the ones I can find on-line send a signal to the RX to control the throttle.

Now I could use one of these and send the throttle output to the Arduino, but I loose an input pin :-(

There must be a module that sits between the battery and power in - for example the arduino, or a motor circuit that will autodetect cells, and simply cut power when the cut-off is reached.

Anyone got any ideas?

(off the shelf module would be best)