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Thread: February 09 WINNERS!

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    February 09 WINNERS!

    The time of reckoning is nigh! The contest winners for this round of the TRC Project Contest have been decided and weve got some awesome prizes to give away!
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    Project: Roving Servo Bot
    Creator: Pinter75
    Prize: $25 Gift Card to the Trossen Robotics Store
    This bot went back to the basics. Base board? Check. Super Glue? Check. Zip ties? Check. Ingenious scratch built onboard controller? Check! Throw all of these items together and you have a great wheeled platform with a fully functioning arm. complete with a .NET interface over Bluetooth. The craftsmanship on this bot is superb, so much so that when we first saw it we thought it had been cut from a 3D printer. Pinter75 has taken the project a step further and will be offering it in kit form in the near future, something we are very excited to see come to life.

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    Project: Charlie
    Creator: Darkback2
    Prize: $25 Gift Card to the Trossen Robotics Store
    Quadrapods have been around long enough that it usually takes something really special to perk our eyebrows, which is exactly what Charlie the Quadrapod did. Was it the onboard PC that impressed us? The rugged raw metal look? Perhaps the fact that Charlie wields a fully automatic airsoft gun on its back? While all of that is very cool, what amazed us most of all was the fact that Charlie was built by hand, using only simple power tools. No CNC machine, no computer CAD drawings; the brackets and frame were literally cut and bent by guide of hand alone. Anybody who has built parts by hand knows how much patience and skill goes into making identical parts without the guidance of a computer controlled blade. Look for this bot competing in the upcoming Mech Warfare competition at Robogames 2009!

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    Project: Autonomous LEGO Wall-E
    Creator: Bazmarc
    Prize: $25 Gift Card to the Trossen Robotics Store
    Building a Wall-E robot? Awesome. Building it out of LEGOs? Even more awesome! LEGOs sure have come a long way in their lifetime, evolving into the amazing robotics prototyping tool they are today and invoking nostalgia in tinkerers abroad (I mean, who didnt play with Legos growing up?) Forum member Bazmarc blew us all away when he debuted his LEGO NXT Autonomous Wall-E project, sparking LEGO-skill envy unanimously across the forums. Not only did he perfectly capture the look and feel of everyones favorite trash bot, he brought it to life with an autonomous navigation system. We cant to see what Bizmarc comes up with next!
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    Third Place:

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    Project: My Animatronic Project
    Creator: Willetfx
    Prize: WowWee Roboquad
    What happens when a professional dental tech with a knack for animatronics is mentored by Hollywood special effects legend Dick Smith? A very creepy and very realistic animatronic robot is born. Gary Willett (aka Willettfx) has a true passion for his work, spending hundreds of hours adding the finest details to truly bring his monstrous inventions to life. He shared with us hours of video showing the fine artwork and dedication that goes into building Hollywood quality animatronics, and we ate up every minute! If youre looking to get into animatronics yourself, he also offers a 3 disc DVD set showcasing every step on how he built his outstanding project!

    Second Place:

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    Project: Robotic Marionette
    Creator: Sunithaya
    Prize: WowWee RS-Media
    The Robotic Marionette project literally reads out like a story. Forum member Sunithaya joined us after he had already completed his Marionette project of two years, however he started from the beginning in chronicling the lengthy steps made during the design, building, and final performances. Each post is titled appropriately - as if a chapter in a book, and detailed thoroughly with the thought process that went into each artistic design decision. Tons of photos were taken throughout the life of the project, and it all pays off with a performance video of the Robotic Marionette autonomously dancing. This project thread is a true gem that were lucky to have on our forums. We highly recommend a complete read-through to everyone interested in learning more.

    First Place:

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    Project:K-9 Autonomous Robot Pet
    Creator: DJSures
    Prize: Pleo from UGOBE
    DJSures pulled down some serious geek cred by creating his own K-9 robotic dog. I mean, what self respecting geek doesnt want their own robotic pet to do their evil bidding? Sure it doesnt have omniflexible hyperlink facilities or the ability to teleport, but this loveable Dr. Who tribute still boasts some impressive features. Onboard 3D mapping capabilities, real time occupancy grids, speech synthesis, adaptable personality levels depending upon the amount of human interaction, obstacle avoidance, an LCD screen for diagnostics, and even the ability to follow people around! Now get this: the entire robot was scratch built. This project is a perfect example of how it doesnt take four dozen servos, onboard PCs, or complex vision processing to win our contests. Ingenuity, creativity, and the overall presentation of your project are a huge factor in our judging decisions. Watching this little bot go from pieces of plastic and circuitry to a seemingly free willed artificial being is what won DJSures the first place prize in the latest round of our contest!

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    The Trossen Robotics crew would like to personally thank everyone who has participated in our contests as well as those who have helped other projects along. What started out as a great way to encourage grassroots engineering and the sharing of knowledge has evolved into a community of hobbyists and professionals who exhibit a passion for their work unlike any we have ever seen. Innovation is viral, and watching builders literally feed off of the excitement fueling these projects is a great thing to experience on a daily basis. We invite anyone looking to get started in robotics, as well as the veterans who have many of bots under their belt, to join the Trossen Robotics Community. We encourage you to jump in head first, if youve got an idea- discuss it, if you have a question- ask it, and if youve got a project- enter it in our contest. We look forward to seeing you and your projects in the next round of the Trossen Robotics Community Project Contest!.
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    Re: February 09 WINNERS!

    Congrats to all!!!
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    Re: February 09 WINNERS!

    Congrats! All are well deserved!
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  4. Re: February 09 WINNERS!


    Now all I need to do is spend, spend spend :-)

    Well done to all!

  5. Talking Re: February 09 WINNERS!

    THANKS Trossen Robotics... it is an HONOR to have been selected as a Winner .. Runner-Up but that's great considering the high level of project presented here.
    Congratulation to all !!

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    Awwww! Shucks that I didn't win! Well, congrats to the winners!
    You guys are pretty lucky.

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    Re: February 09 WINNERS!

    Make another run at it, RoboGrrl - you certainly weren't out of the running. I really appreciated your schematics and code publication, and rated your project quite highly.

    Congrats to all the winners! Very well deserved!

    I'd suggest that future entrants look at the work that went not only into these entries, but the efforts that went into sharing the how and why. If everyone put the effort into documenting that these entries tended to, the judging would be infinitely harder. Seriously, though, a big chunk of how I look at these projects is how they're documented. Share everything. If you share your schematics and code I'm immediately going to rate waaay higher. If you put the kind of how-to effort into it that these projects tended towards, they immediately go to the top of my list. I can't speak for anyone else, but I suspect we all want to learn new techniques and skills. Writing it up so that we learn how to do what you did is really the heart and spirit of what I look for.

    So with that in mind, I would like to extend my personal thanks to many of the winners here. I won too by getting to learn something new!
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    Re: February 09 WINNERS!

    Good job all.. well done!
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    Re: February 09 WINNERS!

    Thanks to Trossen Robotics and all the Honorable Judges and Judgeeks:-) for this great honor and for truly making my day (which was getting pretty hairy). It came as a VERY pleasant surprise. Now I can play a bit before going into my next insanity!
    Congratulations to everyone who entered and shared their processes and ideas, I have learned so much from all of you,

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    Re: February 09 WINNERS!


    Congratulations everyone!

    This was a good competition! Very nice robots!

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