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    Exclamation MATILDA ROBOT for sale

    Hi! I have a fully functional MATILDA Robotic Platform for sale - it comes with a Briefcase Operator's Control Unit, Manipulator Arm with zoom camera, additional camera and light mount and 2 battery chargers. This unit was used by the National Guard of Louisiana, purchased in 2002 and sold as surplus. I have repaired the LCD screen on the control unit - I believe this is the only thing that was wrong with this unit. I am no expert, but have easily gotten all cameras to work and the little guy to do 360s. It has a total of 5 cameras included.

    I have listed it on Ebay for a reasonable starting bid and wanted to inform the Trossen Robotics Community of its availability. The link to the auction is:

    If you have any questions about it, just let me know.


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    Re: MATILDA ROBOT for sale

    [Moved to Garage Sale]
    I Void Warranties´┐Ż

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    Re: MATILDA ROBOT for sale

    Thats cool

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