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Thread: What Sensor?

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    What Sensor?

    I'm new at this, but I am trying to figure out a way to make a coaster (that you set drinks on) and when you set a drink on it, it lights up. So my question is, what sensor is a cheap way to make this work?

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    Re: What Sensor?

    Springs and switches. No microcontroller or sensor required.
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    Re: What Sensor?

    I think this might help. It is a flat momentary switch for a airsoft flash lights. It is a little expensive but it shows the general idea. Jes1510 was right to it wouldn't require a microcontroller!
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    Re: What Sensor?

    Yup. Even simpler:

    Two pieces of balsa wood cut to shape. Raised foil on the bottom piece, flush foil on the underside of the top piece. Compression springs at the four "corners" - (obviously, if it's round there's no corners, but you get the idea)

    The foil becomes the two contacts of a switch. Run wire off, switch a battery and the appropriate resistor into circuit with an LED - boom. Done. Next project.

    It sounds more complicated than it is - you can whip this out in a few minutes.
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