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Thread: PVision library for Arduino (Pixart/Wiimote to Arduino)

  1. PVision library for Arduino (Pixart/Wiimote to Arduino)

    Based on the work of Kako, I just uploaded my first bash at a C++ object library for the Arduino that interfaces to the Pixart sensor on the Wiimote.

    You will of course have to desolder the sensor and build a "harness" circuit to provide the Pixart camera with what it needs - 3.3v and 25Mhz clock.

    All feedback greatly appreciated...

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    Re: PVision library for Arduino (Pixart/Wiimote to Arduino)

    The pixart cameras are really neat.

    This is a board we did for the RoboNova with regulator and FET for the I2C level conversion.

    I kept the IR filter and cut it to fit. This seems to help cut out normal lights.

    The small green board is a Robobuilder 3 axis accelerometer which takes advantage of the 3.3V and the level conversion too.

    I bought two faulty Wiimote on ebay and both had good sensors. The sensor is fairly easy to remove. While the signal pins are tiny, the holes do not seem to be plated through, so once clear of solder on the bottom they remove OK. Just the tabs at the side to unsolder a bit at time after that.

    I am only tracking single IR sources so far, so waiting to see what others do with your library

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