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Thread: Servo Tempurature

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    Servo Tempurature

    Ok, so I finally got the mech's legs built. I was playing with the sequence software, and part of it was doing some extended duration single leg stands (kinda have to to play with poses of course :P)

    So, I was just wondering how hot some of your servos get. One of the knee servos in the leg got up to 150 degrees F (measured by an IR thermometer). Is that normal? Or would that fall under the "abuse of a servo"?

    They are HSR5990TG servos, so I am assuming that if I was really bad with them their thermal cutout would kick in.

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    Re: Servo Tempurature

    Wow. I'm getting nervous on another project that my 645MG is heating up 8degF over ambient after 10mins... 150 seems pretty cookin', unless you're in a 120deg room, I suppose.
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    Re: Servo Tempurature

    Warning: I blew out a 5995 ankle servo working on my walking gate. SUPPORT YOUR MECH while your posing it. Don't let it balance on one leg too long. This is a very serious set back for me, big enough that it might put me out of the competition.

    Thanks, Connor

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