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Thread: Phidget Servo Controls and IK

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    Semicton Guest

    Phidget Servo Controls and IK

    Wow, Ok. It's a good thing my evil SES arm with phidgets does not have a boxing glove on it, else I might instinctively punch it back. lol.

    I've been really tired because I was sick for the past three days but I wanted to show my phidget arm moving to a sequence of moves with my phidget servo control.

    Certainly, as always, it doesn't go as planned. Of course, This is a hobby programming project so eh, what the heck. It's still fun posting my progress even though it hurts my pride and I humiliate myself in the process

    Certainly a few things to think about here before I explore the phase of inverse kinematics. Seeing the evil arm that I plan to unleash on a bag of doggy treats misbehaving in action like this does point out a few mistakes that I didn't not originally think of. I do not go into detail of whats going wrong here, however, I'll keep plugging away and get it right soon

    [ame=""]YouTube - Evil Robot Hand Not behaving[/ame]
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    Re: Evil Phidget Arm Misbehaving

    Pretty cool, quick movements! A bit worrisome though, got a few snickers outta the it hitting a few things, and your reactions. Seems it can be a good sequencer.

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    Semicton Guest

    Re: Evil Phidget Arm Misbehaving

    Yes this is very much out of control at the moment However, I'm able to slow it down easily with one line of code. I still have a lot of work to do on it to get it ready to work with sensors and inverse kinematics, but that is the fun part that this hobby provides. ideas provide real solutions to real problems.

    I'm glad you got a chuckle out of it, because I did too as you can tell from my silly comments in the video lol.

    a few quotes come to mind that help me continue on during the result of my failures, because I tend to be a major drama king at times :

    "“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”
    - Albert Einstein

    “Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.”
    - Richard Bach

    Here is a quick video of me slowing this evil robotic arm down to help me understand what I am doing wrong: (oh, and it's cuts a little bit short because the batteries in my flip camera died.... )

    [ame=""]YouTube - Evil Robot arm moving. slowing it down a bit[/ame]
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  4. Re: Evil Phidget Arm Misbehaving

    Hey, that is such a cool cool arm. Definitely more responsive than my NXT. How about sharing it with the world live at You can control my NXT arm from your browser.

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    Semicton Guest

    Phidget Servo Controls and IK

    - Hello,

    I am starting work on another control that will work with my phidget servo controls. The control will draw a 2d representation of a robotic arm and also allow you to move the robotic arm with your mouse thanks to inverse kinematics. I'll be adding functionality that will allow you to double click on certain joints to temporarily lock the their angles, or just drag the end point around freely.

    It will be another control that can be dragged to a form. You can then enter properties to hook up each joint to your phidget servo controls that have placed on your form. The movement will be delayed while manually moving it with your mouse just like how the servo control has a delayed position to desired position.

    Here is a quick video. Not much to it yet but, I wanted to share a quick video to show what I'm working on. The video shows unavailable and that seems to happen alot here when it has just recently been uploaded. You can double click the video if you have this problem.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Phidget Servo Control and IK[/ame]
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    Re: Phidget Servo Controls and IK

    Awesome!!! I cant wait to take it for a test spin! Are you coding these controls to work with the .Servo or .AdvancedServo class? or both? your prev videos I saw only demonstrated 4 servos that I remember now I see a fifth, I also want to say I remember you mentioning multiple controllers?

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    Re: Phidget Servo Controls and IK

    Very Nice Semicton!

    The IK portion looks a lot like the next stage I have envisioned for my project. I have just created my first arm using Dynamixels. Control through USB2Dynamixel and a C# program. Have it moving and "poses" stored in Database. Next I want to develop an IK control method. I checked out your website, COOL. Are you developing in C#? Can you reccomend a starting point for learning simple IK? I have a good understanding of the concepts and the math, but could use some direction in starting to code it.

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    Re: Phidget Servo Controls and IK

    Can you reccomend a starting point for learning simple IK? I have a good understanding of the concepts and the math, but could use some direction in starting to code it.
    hmmm... sounds like an excellent entry to the TRC Tutorial Contest for anyone interested

    �In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed�
    - Charles Darwin

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    Re: Phidget Servo Controls and IK

    Yeah, IK from the programming end is probably my biggest weakness in the field. I'd like to see an IK for Dummies.
    I Void Warranties�

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    Semicton Guest

    Re: Phidget Servo Controls and IK

    - Hi Nagmier, It supports an unlimited amount of phidget servo controller boards and is very easy to wire them up with no code. This is using the .Servo board. In fact, the first .Servo board released by phidgets is the reason why I first started working on this because the .AdvancedServo was not available and I wanted to see smooooth movement. I have purchased the .AdvancedServo from Trossen, but have yet to test it. If there are problems with the .advanced servo, I will make sure it works before I share it. And, may even re-write it to take advantage of the .AdvancedServo.

    Hi DC Robot, yes I'm coding in C#. Gotta love .net!!! WOOT! has a good inverse kinematics tutorial for a robotic arm. Also, when I'm finished here, this will be a full open-source project where you can dig into the code

    I still have a lot thoughts of how I'm actually going to present a final GUI and functionality, so this is just a starting point. Keep in mind, these are two separate controls. My intentions are to allow people to use my phidget servo control individually and/or use the IK control individually or, both at the same time, with as little code as possible.

    Don't be fooled by a simple GUI. This can also easily be used to simply visually present the state of your servos or robotic arm if you are creating your own code and logic.

    Wired up my IK phidget control to my phidget servo control. here is a video of both controls with a Phidget Servo. I also create a sequence of poses for playback.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Phidgets Servo Control and IK - 2[/ame]
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