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Thread: smallest servos available???

  1. smallest servos available???

    Hey Guys

    I am working on a swarm robotics project and it involves building small quadrapeds but a wanted to know what are the smallest servos available???

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    Re: smallest servos available???

    Do you want the smallest servos, or the smallest servos capable of hoisting at least their own mass?
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  3. Re: smallest servos available???

    well more over then small i think I am looking for more of compact servos for a quadruped

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    Re: smallest servos available???

    smallest in size servos that I've ran across, are ones for these two sub-micro helicopters:

    I don't think there are stats posted for them, but they are non standard. I've used the Walkera ones for my fish: and had to switch some wires around to work with the receiver. The mcx servos are even smaller, but are very weak, and linear. They both work off of single cell lipo, so don't think that they can take any more than 3.7v, or handle too much torque. Other than those, there are a huge number micro sized servos that are light and with standard connectors and voltage... such as the ones that I've used for swashbot: they are cheap and pretty small. If you look for micro servos for heli or planes, they are typically really small and powerful, such as hs-45b , which I have used many in my helis and never had issue with. If physical size is your concern then just look up manufacturer stats, they usually tell you size, torque, and voltage.

    I usually get my heli servos from helidirect, they carry a lot of different sizes and types, and range in price quite a bit:


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