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    what will i need to make a lynxmotion robot run with a ps2 controller?
    the ssc-32, the bot board, or both?
    how easy are they to use?

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    Re: PS2

    The SSC32 is just a servo controller.
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    Re: PS2

    From the Lynxmotion description on a hexapod : "Controlling the Robot
    The combo kit comes with the SSC-32, Bot Board, and BASIC Atom Pro 28. By offloading the servo pulse generation and sequence movement timing to the SSC-32 the BASIC Atom has plenty of power to do some really cool things. The current program (written by Laurent Gay) allows the robot to walk with variable speed, in any direction (translation), or turn in place (rotation), or any combination of the two. The leg lift and ride height is adjustable as well as the gait walking speed. There are preset walking modes for tall grass, tile floor, low profile and normal operation. You can rotate the body in every axis. There are also preprogrammed poses and a sleep mode. All of these are accessible from the controller. Everything is included except the Play Station game controller. We now offer our own (RC-01), or you can use one from MadCatz or Pelican."

    So I guess from that, it looks like you need the SSC-32, the Bot Board, and a Basic Atom Pro 28 to put on the Bot Board. And the PS2 controller. And the connection for the PS2 controller.

    It looks like they give you the code to use, so it would seem pretty easy to use.

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    Re: PS2

    It really depends on what you want. To use the PS2, you will need some form of micro-controller to handle the PS2 and do something with it. Most Lynxmotion projects now use the Bot Board 2 and the Basic Atom Pro. Many are also done with the Basic Atom instead of the Pro. For some projects this is all that is necessary. For example if you are building the rover you would not necessarily need the SSC-32. You may however in this case need a motor controller, such as a Sabertooth.

    If you wish to build a robot with a few servos you could easily do this with just the Atom Pro using the HSERVO command. However if your robot uses more than a few servos, such as the 3 degrees of freedom Hexapod (18+ servos) you would would be better off adding a SSC-32 to offload all of the servo controlling, such that your microprocessor can do other things.

    Good Luck

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    will the basic atom 28 work with a Basic stamp 2 project board. i'd really like to stick with BASIC, but i need to use a small controller like the lynxmotion PS2. I'm making a surveillance scouting bot for my milsim games. if you could help me cut down on my searching that would be great. I want remote control.
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    Re: PS2

    I don't know the Basic stamp project board, so it is hard to say. I know that several of these basic stemp boards are setup with a 24 pin socket and as such the 28 pin chip will not plug in. However if this board is set up with a 28 pin socket than maybe? I have personally only used the lynxmotion Atom Bot Board and now the newer Bot Board II.


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    Well I'm looking to use a ps2 type controller to control my bot but right now I'm really comfortable with BASIC language, any recommendations.
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    Re: PS2

    uhm... you could write your own libraries to work with the ps2 controller. Then again I only know C64 basic...
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  9. Re: PS2

    what about the lcd displays like the military use on there robots controllers. or any small ones you can recommend me that have A/V and can use a rechargeable battery. having a hard time

    looking for one between 3"-6"
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