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Thread: LEGO DALEK NXTerminate

  1. LEGO DALEK NXTerminate

    Hi Guys ,,, well as promised after my Wall-e NXTfied here is my DALEK NXTerminated

    [ame=""]YouTube - LEGO DALEK NXTerminate[/ame]

    More details and picture coming up,,, and yes, i hope to enter this one in the constest as well
    (PS the RC Servo are from my winnings in previous Trossen Robotics contest - thanks again)

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    Re: LEGO DALEK NXTerminate

    I love it, very creative.

    Also, I now know where PC's go to die

    "Welcome to the Robolution"

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    Re: LEGO DALEK NXTerminate

    Here is my voice recognition Dalek built nearly three years ago.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Voice Recognition Dalek[/ame]


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