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Thread: RoboRealm and Axon serial communication issues

  1. RoboRealm and Axon serial communication issues

    I have asked at RoboRealm and at SocietyOfRobots and have gotten little help, so I figured I would try here.

    Has anyone gotten serial communication to work with the Axon (using the USB port) and RoboRealm?

    The situation I run into is RoboRealm buffers up everything that is sent and dumps it after some time (which I cant quite seem to pin down). It should dump to the console after a newline character.

    It seems to send data just fine. Also, RealTerm works just fine, so its something on the RoboRealm side of things I think.

    Has anyone ever managed to get the serial module of RoboRealm to work with an Axon? If so what version of RoboRealm did it work on?

  2. Re: RoboRealm and Axon serial communication issues

    In case anyone happens to stumble upon this thread later, Roborealm resolved the issue. A couple days after I emailed them they released a patch fixing the serial communication with the Axon.

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    Re: RoboRealm and Axon serial communication issues

    Stephen over at RoboRealm rocks. I was lucky enough to get to spend a few delightful minutes yacking with him last year - I believe it was at Maker Faire (coming up quickly! couple weeks! Woot!). Super-sharp, he knows his stuff. And the price can't be beat!
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