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Thread: Building a robot from a mini Laptop?

  1. Arrow Building a robot from a mini Laptop?

    Hi Guys. Im new to this forum, so first of. hello to you all.

    Ive been interested in Artificial Inteligense and robotics for a long time now.
    I own a RS Media, that i have costumized.

    But i want some more knowledge, and try something new.
    So i decided to buy a new mini laptop (Acer Aspire One / XP HOME)
    And wanted to start a new project.
    I have a great text to speech / voice recognition software, that runs very nice.
    I wanted to implement it on the laptop. But its not quite enough. I want to program the laptop, with external equipment. To be able to:
    1. Move around / with wheels / motors
    2. display led ligts when speaking. / audio playback
    3. and perhaps some sort of autonomous wandering / maybe some sort of GPS?

    Can this be acomplished by USB ports, and wireless network?

    Im asking because i want to have an idea where to begin this project.

    Im sorry for my bad english. I need to brush up on that.

    I hope to hear some ideas, suggestions. :-)

    Kind Regards,
    From Denmark

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    Re: Building a robot from a mini Laptop?


    Check out the following...A couple of people in this forum have done a lot with PC based robots. Ok...for voice recognition you may want to use some sort of microphone. PC based internal mics aren't the best, and pick up a lot of background noise. Also I've run into trouble when trying to use more than 4 usb devices because the port just doesnt' have enough juice to control them all at once. Using a PC as your processor will allow you to do some simple vision stuff...also check out the SSC-32, the serializer, and the whole phidgets line.

    Hope this helps.

    Introduction to PC base robotics







  3. Re: Building a robot from a mini Laptop?

    Thanks for the great answer. Just what i needed. I'll look into that.

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    Re: Building a robot from a mini Laptop?

    There was also a series of articles on the subject in servo magazine that featured some interesting tricks if you wanted to go down the dynamixel route. You can't download the articles...but if you can get your hands on the issues linked in was called building the ultimate robot.

    Yeah...PC based robots rock.


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