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Thread: EX-106+/RX-64 Humanoid Robot: Giger

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    EX-106+/RX-64 Humanoid Robot: Giger

    As some of you may already know, I ran into some pretty major issues with Hagetaka walking correctly. Mostly it boils down to too much payload, and the hip-roll servos needing to be upgraded to EX-106s to compensate. I had Hage walking, but the feet were dragging and causing it to veer off course, which I was not happy with. Not wanting to be without a bot for Year 1 Mech Warfare, I decided to go with a backup plan I had cooking. Browse: Supercheap Catalogue and Aldi Catalogue on Catalogue AU.

    3 days of insane amounts of CNC work later... I have Giger:

    Giger Beta v0.1:

    Giger Beta v0.5:

    Giger v1.0 (RX-64/RX-28 version):

    Giger v2.0 (EX-106/RX-64/RX-28 version):

    Giger v2.5 (EX-106/RX-64/RX-28 Mech Warfare variant):

    Giger v3.0 ('Giger Fu' EX-106/RX-64/RX-28 version):

    Giger v3.5 ('Giger Fu' EX-106/RX-64 version):
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