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Thread: robobuilder basic posture

  1. robobuilder basic posture

    does anyone have an idea what im doing wrong. every time I try to adjust the basic posture of the robot it says zeroPose write failure. could anyone help me out

  2. Re: robobuilder basic posture

    does anyone have any idea?

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    Re: robobuilder basic posture

    you can't expect an answer that quickly on the forums, there are not that many active members, have you tried logging into the chat room and asking, I would love to help but I have no exp with that system

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    Re: robobuilder basic posture


    I went over to the robosavvy forum. There is a thread for the robobuilder robot. This thread in particular was based on a person reporting similar problems.

    It could have to do with a write error...and you may be able to fix it by reinstalling the firmware...though I don't own a robobuilder, and probably shouldn't be offering help.

    Again, check the above link.


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    Hi - did you fix your problem ? what were using to set the zero positions - the Motion builder software ? Make sure its compatible version with the firmware and also make sure you're in PC control mode.


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    i was trying to download the firmware file but the website wont let me log in... any ideas

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    I have had problems loggin with IE on robobuilder site - firefox seems to work better

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    i run on safari though

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    Re: robobuilder basic posture

    So install firefox.
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