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    (long term project) Deimos

    Well, with all the raw footage that's been trickling through and all these awesome quads running havoc in the stands, you guys got my bugs going again.

    I rearranged the bioloid kit into what I call Deimos:

    First things first, all credit for the squash ball feet go out to the forum members who came up with the idea (I don't remember the name though, fill me in and i'll edit this post// EDIT: This was Obscene, thanks for that!)

    I took a little different approach though, I sliced a piece off of the balls and semi-glued them to some brackets. I say semi-glued, because they seem to stay put just fine without glue - it's also hell to get them on there..

    I've got some basic walking going with the terminal pose method, but I don't like it..
    I'm going to whip up a simple board with a PIC (yes, I know... I'm just so used to these things) to test a few ways of getting it to walk. Something to do with central pattern generators and token passing, but I'm still reading up and experimenting with it.

    That's why I'm calling it a long term project. As most of you here know I start a lot of things but never seem to finish them, and I've got loads of projects in the works as we speak (Phobos is another one of those, incidentally)

    Point is, realistically the chances of me getting to the robogames are slim to none in the next few years, but hey, I can have fun on my own, right?

    I'll keep this post updated as progress is made, just don't expect any too soon...
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