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Thread: Using the Minoru 3D webcam for stereo vision

  1. Using the Minoru 3D webcam for stereo vision

    I've recently written some software which can be used to turn the Minoru webcam into an inexpensive ranging sensor. This could be used on any robot with an onboard PC of one kind or another (such as a netbook), and should perform well even on older hardware provided that it has at least a single USB2 socket.

    This uses a sparse feature based matching method which probably wouldn't be good enough for object recognition, but might be useful for navigation and obstacle avoidance.

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    Re: Using the Minoru 3D webcam for stereo vision

    Sweet Motters,

    am I correct in saying that your software runs in Linux only? I almost want to get a version of linux running again so that I can test out all the 3D coolness.


  3. Re: Using the Minoru 3D webcam for stereo vision

    At present yes it only runs on Linux. I could write a Windows version, but I use that OS so infrequently that it's hardly worth it.

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